Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two sided Doll Pattern

Wanted to let you know I now have the Double Sided Doll as a pattern.  Check my website.  It is a one piece pattern, with head, body, arms and legs all in one piece.  It is so fast and easy to sew, stuff and paint on clothes.  Stuff VERY TIGHT and the doll will stand on its own.  Just pull one leg slightly forward to balance the doll.  It is so fab to put the two sided doll in front of a mirror for it looks like the front doll is being followed by the other doll.  Pattern includes this "western couple" and numerous other doll ideas and clothes ideas too.  Check it out.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double Caricature Doll

Our Granddaughter and her husband and our 6 month old Great Granddaughter are all moving to Chile. We are SO going to miss them.  We told them we would "go" with them, so designed a "Darling CARICATURE Double Doll for them to take instead of the real us.   This is a one piece two sided doll who stands up on their own.  No need for a doll stand, no need to make two dolls.  When finished stand the doll in front of a mirror and you see both dolls.  The one doll in the front and the other doll seen in the mirror.  It is AWESOME. Will have a pattern ready shortly.  Check website.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doll Caricature Book

Doug Keeling has done it again with another totally FAB Faces book.  This one is how to do Caricature Dolls.  Along with step by step info he also gives you pages of drawings of noses, mouths, eyebrows and eyes.  All sorts of shapes and designs. If you don't want to do your own there is a bunch of trace off pattern in the book.  Caricature dolls are so much fun to do and add additional special-ness to the doll you design.
Our self published book is available on my website.

                                                        Doug himself, with a doll of himself. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sassy but Simple Dolls

We love doing the Simple but Sassy doll and writing the Doll Story Adventure for our three month old Great Granddaughter. I was inspired to create a set of 8 different Simple but Sassy dolls all made out of the one pattern so you could enjoy them too. These are quick and easy to do. No clothes to sew, unless you want to, just paint on the clothes.  I love quickeee but fun projects and this sure is one of those.  I have also included a cute story than can be read to the youngster.  It is about finding the doll and rescuing it. It is a short but cute story easily enjoyed by as a read to story.  I have highlighted the story where you can put your child's name in the story and personalize so they are part of the plot. So you are getting a Simple but Sassy Doll pattern with eight different dolls plus this personalized story.  What fun is that.  Check my website under patterns of  Keeling books.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Granddaughters Doll.

We have made lots of dolls in our career, but not done as many "kid play dolls".  Well we have a brand new four month old Great Granddaughter.  I just wrote another  Magical Nanny Story so I could introduce her to a new doll we made for her.  The doll is pictured below too, but here she is again.  Magical Nanny Pepita and Baby Lucia Rescue a run-away doll from a trash can.  A story with heart and a lesson on helping others.  The little colorful doll from the trash is called Flora.  We just got the enclosed photo of Baby Lucia, looking deep into the eyes of Flora... they are bonding for sure. (the doll Flora is in the right hand corner you can see the back of her head)  Beautiful Baby...oh did I hear a proud greatgran-ma talking.  Yeppers. .

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magical Nanny Doll.

Our new Great Granddaughter Lucia Isabel is just three months old. We created a Magical Nanny Doll and I wrote a story about  Nanny Pepita and the New Baby. I patterned the "nanny" after our Granddaughters Mother-in-law who came all the way from Chile to spend two months helping with the new baby.  Then I wrote another "adventure story" of how Nanny Pepita and Baby Lucia  rescued a little doll

from a trash can. Therefore creating a best friend doll for Baby Lucia. I will write more stories as the baby grows old enough to listen to stories  My husband Doug and I designed and made the dolls and I wrote the stories.

First photo is of the real Pepita from Chile with the Doll Nanny Pepita.
The second photo is of the "Best Friend doll named FLORA", who was rescued from a trash can to become the babies best friend.  This is part of the story I wrote.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Skin Tone Dye

I have been out of the dye, but now have it back in stock.  It may be not be available anymore after this is gone. So if you are interested in getting the three skin tone colors of brown tone, pink tone and peach tone, go to my website and look under the Dye catagory.  It is made for me and not available any place else.  Grab it while I got it.   Barb Keeling 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Skin Tone Dye For Cloth Dolls

Several years ago I had some special Eco Safe Skin Tone dyes done. A brown, pink and peach Tone colors. We doll makers now have an easier time of getting the color fabric we wanted for our cloth dolls.  The best thing  is you can make your doll out the fabric we want to use, then after the doll is made simply paint the doll with the skin tone dye and it is a done deal. It would cost less than 25 cents to do this. It saves money in the long run for you can easily create exactly the tone of color you want. Mix a very small amount and paint the doll. To mix the colors you use one tiny drop at a time, mix it with water.  This is all safe dye, with no harmful smell.  Go to my site and order now.  You will be so happy you did.  You can mix any color you want.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before and after Shoes

Before re-painted/dye the suede grey to black

After on top and before below
This new blog format doesn't tell us how to delete things.  Oh well. Sorry. Here are a couple of pictures of before and after of some old sneakers.  I did a repaint with my ECO DYE.  Scroll down too, for two after shoes. Dye is listed on my website.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Redo Shoes

Here is a simple redo.  This old sneakers were still good but looked worn.  So I used my colorant dye and redyed the suede and used some shimmer paint and repainted the rubber soles with white shimmer paint. Look like a new pair of shoes. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few Drops of Dye

I have done a little section here showing you how easily I did some quick dyeing that was done one drop at a time. Totally safe, no SMELL, NO COOKING, NO SETTING, just do one drop at a time mix with water and go for it. Note here the cute fabric that is part of this Door Decor Doll's dress. Took 10 minutes to make that fun fabric. Just by dropping color onto the the fabric like doing big dots of color. Drip brush into paint and "blob" it onto the fabric. I also dyed the lace necklace. Check out on the next sections how I redyed a doll and then totally painted/dyed a whole couch. All this with my Eco Safe Dye.

Re-Paint a Faded Doll

Sometimes a doll will get faded and start to look pretty shabby. It is easy to use the colorant dye and redo the doll. Just mix up the color you want to use and repaint the doll. No need for rubber gloves to use the safe dye. This doll was re painted with about 25 cents worth of the dye. About two drops of dye plus water.

Easy Re-Do's


Before and after. Note the colors I added to the pillows.

Of all the crafty stuff I do, one of things I never liked to do was dye things. It was just to messy and the smell would get to me. NOT ANYMORE. I have new Eco Safe paint and dye that has not smell, you don't have to cook it and it is safe and easy to use. I even redyed my couch. I used my colorant dye, some water & a rubber roller. I just used the blue, for the couch and the color set of red, yellow, blue also gave me a way to mix any other color I needed as you see on the pillows.

The dye is great on almost any fabric, from silk to canvas. I use it to repaint faded dolls that have sat in the sun . Refresh'n is so easy.

The color is so intense a little drop and water goes A LONG WAY. Check it out. Go to my website to see the dye. The best deal is to get the four color set red, blue, black, & yellow. If you want to do pastel colors also get white and also order the Fabric Magic.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silly Dolls

Winged Back Arm Chair

Pop Tart

Could not get the add photo to work so doing it here. Check below for the text.

The first photo is called WINGED BACK ARM CHAIR.

Funky chair with just a doll head and arms. Wings are made out of clear plastic cover sheet and 3D crystal. I have the chair as a pattern. Check my site.


(Doll in toaster)

Made just the top half of the doll and stuffed her into this fun toaster. Then did separate arms and stuffed them into the toast slot.

I covered this retro toaster with Soy Silk. Covered the toaster with the soysilk fiber then sprayed it with Textile medium to turn it into something that would stick to the toaster and turn fiber into a sort of felt/paper/fiber fun stuff. Painted the cord with my shimmer paint and even added a few beads to the plug. Think this is way fun. Have her on a shelf in my kitchen. Great Kitchen theme. I have the soysilk on my site.

Sassy Silly Art Dolls

Sometimes it is such fun to do silly projects. They give us all a fun laugh and joyfulness in making them. Here are a couple I did. I do have some great "silly" doll patterns too. Check my website.