Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy Re-Do's


Before and after. Note the colors I added to the pillows.

Of all the crafty stuff I do, one of things I never liked to do was dye things. It was just to messy and the smell would get to me. NOT ANYMORE. I have new Eco Safe paint and dye that has not smell, you don't have to cook it and it is safe and easy to use. I even redyed my couch. I used my colorant dye, some water & a rubber roller. I just used the blue, for the couch and the color set of red, yellow, blue also gave me a way to mix any other color I needed as you see on the pillows.

The dye is great on almost any fabric, from silk to canvas. I use it to repaint faded dolls that have sat in the sun . Refresh'n is so easy.

The color is so intense a little drop and water goes A LONG WAY. Check it out. Go to my website to see the dye. The best deal is to get the four color set red, blue, black, & yellow. If you want to do pastel colors also get white and also order the Fabric Magic. www.keelingskrafts.com/catalog2.

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