Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Magical Nanny Doll.

Our new Great Granddaughter Lucia Isabel is just three months old. We created a Magical Nanny Doll and I wrote a story about  Nanny Pepita and the New Baby. I patterned the "nanny" after our Granddaughters Mother-in-law who came all the way from Chile to spend two months helping with the new baby.  Then I wrote another "adventure story" of how Nanny Pepita and Baby Lucia  rescued a little doll

from a trash can. Therefore creating a best friend doll for Baby Lucia. I will write more stories as the baby grows old enough to listen to stories  My husband Doug and I designed and made the dolls and I wrote the stories.

First photo is of the real Pepita from Chile with the Doll Nanny Pepita.
The second photo is of the "Best Friend doll named FLORA", who was rescued from a trash can to become the babies best friend.  This is part of the story I wrote.