Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few Drops of Dye

I have done a little section here showing you how easily I did some quick dyeing that was done one drop at a time. Totally safe, no SMELL, NO COOKING, NO SETTING, just do one drop at a time mix with water and go for it. Note here the cute fabric that is part of this Door Decor Doll's dress. Took 10 minutes to make that fun fabric. Just by dropping color onto the the fabric like doing big dots of color. Drip brush into paint and "blob" it onto the fabric. I also dyed the lace necklace. Check out on the next sections how I redyed a doll and then totally painted/dyed a whole couch. All this with my Eco Safe Dye. www.keelingskrafts.com/catalog2

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