Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Redye Faded doll.

One of the first cloth doll class I ever took was taught by Lynn Butcher from Austraila. She came to our doll club, IOLCC in San Diego , CA area. It was a fun elf-ee doll. My poor doll has been in my sunporch for years and very faded, so I decided to give it a face lift. With very little effort turned the doll all new by painted its clothes with my Colorant dye, redid her face with new "makeup" and some new hair. It is totally all new.

This is the old doll ready for a redo.

You can see the inworks painting, then the doll all done sitting in the chair. Sorry these photos are "backwards" on the page. Never can remember how to do the right lineup when adding a group of photos. Anyway you can see what a very little bit of my colorant did to redo this cute doll. Some new hair a make up adds to the NEW DO.