Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using leftovers.

You might get a kick out of some of my left overs. Now that we are retired from traveling doing craft and doll shows (BUT STILL IN BUSINESS ON OUR WEBSITE) I found all sorts of samples I no longer need. So I decided to turn them into a left overs bed-spread thingee. That funky afghan is made all out of yarn. There are a number of started but not finished things there is, a knit sleeve, sox, sweater back, back of a jacket, scarf, tote mention a few. The rest of the project is done with left over yarns mostly done in FREE-FORM CROCHET....and odds and ends of felted pieces. Have some more left over yarn so will add a little more border on the piece. This is for my bed.... really warm and fun funky-ness. Will take it to the old ladies home when it is time for me to go there. No one will steal my blanket. TWAS so fun to do and use up all those left overs.

hugs, barb keeling