Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before and after Shoes

Before re-painted/dye the suede grey to black

After on top and before below
This new blog format doesn't tell us how to delete things.  Oh well. Sorry. Here are a couple of pictures of before and after of some old sneakers.  I did a repaint with my ECO DYE.  Scroll down too, for two after shoes. Dye is listed on my website.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Redo Shoes

Here is a simple redo.  This old sneakers were still good but looked worn.  So I used my colorant dye and redyed the suede and used some shimmer paint and repainted the rubber soles with white shimmer paint. Look like a new pair of shoes. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few Drops of Dye

I have done a little section here showing you how easily I did some quick dyeing that was done one drop at a time. Totally safe, no SMELL, NO COOKING, NO SETTING, just do one drop at a time mix with water and go for it. Note here the cute fabric that is part of this Door Decor Doll's dress. Took 10 minutes to make that fun fabric. Just by dropping color onto the the fabric like doing big dots of color. Drip brush into paint and "blob" it onto the fabric. I also dyed the lace necklace. Check out on the next sections how I redyed a doll and then totally painted/dyed a whole couch. All this with my Eco Safe Dye.

Re-Paint a Faded Doll

Sometimes a doll will get faded and start to look pretty shabby. It is easy to use the colorant dye and redo the doll. Just mix up the color you want to use and repaint the doll. No need for rubber gloves to use the safe dye. This doll was re painted with about 25 cents worth of the dye. About two drops of dye plus water.

Easy Re-Do's


Before and after. Note the colors I added to the pillows.

Of all the crafty stuff I do, one of things I never liked to do was dye things. It was just to messy and the smell would get to me. NOT ANYMORE. I have new Eco Safe paint and dye that has not smell, you don't have to cook it and it is safe and easy to use. I even redyed my couch. I used my colorant dye, some water & a rubber roller. I just used the blue, for the couch and the color set of red, yellow, blue also gave me a way to mix any other color I needed as you see on the pillows.

The dye is great on almost any fabric, from silk to canvas. I use it to repaint faded dolls that have sat in the sun . Refresh'n is so easy.

The color is so intense a little drop and water goes A LONG WAY. Check it out. Go to my website to see the dye. The best deal is to get the four color set red, blue, black, & yellow. If you want to do pastel colors also get white and also order the Fabric Magic.