Friday, August 10, 2012

Sassy but Simple Dolls

We love doing the Simple but Sassy doll and writing the Doll Story Adventure for our three month old Great Granddaughter. I was inspired to create a set of 8 different Simple but Sassy dolls all made out of the one pattern so you could enjoy them too. These are quick and easy to do. No clothes to sew, unless you want to, just paint on the clothes.  I love quickeee but fun projects and this sure is one of those.  I have also included a cute story than can be read to the youngster.  It is about finding the doll and rescuing it. It is a short but cute story easily enjoyed by as a read to story.  I have highlighted the story where you can put your child's name in the story and personalize so they are part of the plot. So you are getting a Simple but Sassy Doll pattern with eight different dolls plus this personalized story.  What fun is that.  Check my website under patterns of  Keeling books.

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