Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Granddaughters Doll.

We have made lots of dolls in our career, but not done as many "kid play dolls".  Well we have a brand new four month old Great Granddaughter.  I just wrote another  Magical Nanny Story so I could introduce her to a new doll we made for her.  The doll is pictured below too, but here she is again.  Magical Nanny Pepita and Baby Lucia Rescue a run-away doll from a trash can.  A story with heart and a lesson on helping others.  The little colorful doll from the trash is called Flora.  We just got the enclosed photo of Baby Lucia, looking deep into the eyes of Flora... they are bonding for sure. (the doll Flora is in the right hand corner you can see the back of her head)  Beautiful Baby...oh did I hear a proud greatgran-ma talking.  Yeppers. .