Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silly Dolls

Winged Back Arm Chair

Pop Tart

Could not get the add photo to work so doing it here. Check below for the text.

The first photo is called WINGED BACK ARM CHAIR.

Funky chair with just a doll head and arms. Wings are made out of clear plastic cover sheet and 3D crystal. I have the chair as a pattern. Check my site.


(Doll in toaster)

Made just the top half of the doll and stuffed her into this fun toaster. Then did separate arms and stuffed them into the toast slot.

I covered this retro toaster with Soy Silk. Covered the toaster with the soysilk fiber then sprayed it with Textile medium to turn it into something that would stick to the toaster and turn fiber into a sort of felt/paper/fiber fun stuff. Painted the cord with my shimmer paint and even added a few beads to the plug. Think this is way fun. Have her on a shelf in my kitchen. Great Kitchen theme. I have the soysilk on my site.

Sassy Silly Art Dolls

Sometimes it is such fun to do silly projects. They give us all a fun laugh and joyfulness in making them. Here are a couple I did. I do have some great "silly" doll patterns too. Check my website.