Friday, November 15, 2013


Since I posted about the WHY SHOELACES COME UNTIED, new kids book, it is now also published on Amazon.  If you get it from me on my website as an attachment there is a little game for the kids in the back of my version. 
Either way you get one really cute story.  The first copy of this book that sold was to a lady who bought it for herself, as just a fun read. It is a cute story for adults and kids alike. Give it a go, it is a fun read.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Cover NEW, Childrens book.

I have a new book on my website that isn't on Amazon.  I can send it as an Ebook.  It is adorable.  All of us have had trouble with SHOELACES COMING UNTIED.  This is a really cute story of magic and sillyness of solving why shoelaces come untied and who does it.  Fun story.  my website,



Two of our children’s books are now available on Amazon. They are written by: Barb Keeling with darling illustrations done by Doug Keeling.  Go to Amazon. Do a search for Barb Keeling and it will take you right to the books. They are only 1.99 each. Titles are THE BLUE EARED BEAR  and GIGGLE COOKIES. 

 The stories are adorable filled with magical fun adventures. Flying carpets, magic roller skates, fairy-elves who run off with the cookies, kindness in the rescue of a teddy bear. No matter what silly-ness is going on the story is filled with a positive feeling to everything, good manners and being kind and helpful to others.

Stories involve a Magical Nanny, called Mrs.GilleyWilley, little girl named Olivia Ann and a talking teddy bear named BB-Bear. These characters are all based on cloth dolls designed by Barb and Doug Keeling. Patterns available on our website.

From you can download the stories to your Kindle. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A KINDLE.  Order the book and setup a Kindle PC with Amazon where the stories will be sent to your computer.  We appreciate your support please buy both books.

Below are some reviews on the Blue Eared Bear Book, as seen on Amazon. 

Barb Keeling


Christina -
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This review is from: The Blue Eared Bear (Mrs. GilleyWilley A Magical Nanny's Adventure) (Kindle Edition)
Barb Keeling and her husband put this awesome story together. It is well written, and I love the paintings of all the characters. I think this story of the blue eared bear is perfect for all ages. Bullying is such a common thing these days and it starts so young, and if they can listen to this story and learn from it, perhaps being bullied will be a less common thing, and kids will be more friendly and accept people for who they are. Young children need more stories like this...and hope it carries through the rest of their lives.
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Paul (OCEANSIDE, CA, United States) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Blue Eared Bear (Mrs. GilleyWilley A Magical Nanny's Adventure) (Kindle Edition)
This was indeed a magical story! Mrs. GilleyWilly is a nanny every child could love. More importantly, she instills the values of kindness, respect, and appreciation children all need to learn. B-B-Bear is a prime example of the bullying rampant in so many of our schools. if children learn in the formative years that we are all different in many ways and though some may be more different than others we are all deserving of respect, courtesy and acceptance. Barb Keeling has done an excellent job of tucking a little learning lesson into this story and the illustrations are a delight. I'm really looking forward to more of her stories. And my grandkids can't wait!!!

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This review is from: The Blue Eared Bear (Mrs. GilleyWilley A Magical Nanny's Adventure) (Kindle Edition)
Very sweet story. It's nice to see a book showing how people should act toward one another. Being a doll and teddy bear artist I truly enjoyed this children's book and will purchase it for my grandchildren.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Book THE BLUE EARED BEAR by Barb Keeling

 I have written a really fun childrens book.  Written by Barb Keeling with adorable illustrations done by Doug Keeling. Check my website for more info

New kids book called THE BLUE EARED BEAR.  This is a charming story about a Magical Nanny and a four year old little girl named Olivia Ann. She finds a lonely Blue Eared Teddy bear in a store. The Bear has had a rough time, being teased because he is different colors than the usual plain bown bear. Olivia Ann finds him stuffed on a shelf where someone had tossed him. The bear had called to her asking for help.  This is a sweet story touching on kindness, bulling, being helpful to those in need. It is all mixed with magical fun with the Nanny, Mrs.GilleyWilley. The Teddy Bear finds a loving forever family and gets to be Olivia Ann's best friend. 

This is a great read to kids ages 4-10. I have also written the story in script form so you it can be a family fun event, reading it like a play with the kids and family and freinds playing the differenct parts.  Makes a great way to experience reading out loud. The book and script is available on my website. You can download the story to your Kindle or other devices by going to Amazon.  Search  Blue Eared Bear, or Barb Keeling

I made the above bear by doing needle felting. I plan to do a pattern for that too. The picture is Olivia Ann and the Teddy Bear.  The book illustrations are so fun. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

People Rubber Stamps.

Rubber Stamps are so much fun for they give you the basic outline shape and you can have fun with that.  We did a group of stamps that can be used for TAGs, or anything you want them to be.  They are people stamps and each person is carrying a sign where there is space for you to put a message.  It can be HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a Christmas tag, holiday tag, a price tag, an ID tag to let people know who made the doll, the quilt or any special project you may have done or a zillion other fun creative uses you can think of.  You can find the RUBBER STAMPS on my website or Etsy Store.