Monday, May 31, 2010

Tyvek Doll Clothing

For a while I have had the idea of making a "TreeBark ELF DOLL" using painted tyvek as the clothing. I realized the tyvek is rather stiff for clothes, but I NEVER say NEVER when it comes to trying things. For me part of the creative adventure is the journey of the process. I have never worried about things failing, for failure can become a new technique.

I took a used postoffice EXPRESS envelope and split the sides to make one long piece of paper/tyvek. I used my fab SHIMMER Paints and colored the one side with mulit layers of differnt colors. Paint color on paint color. WOW awesome shine. Then let it dry. I love this paint it for it dries fast. Hate it when I am on a creative roll and have to wait forever for paint to dry. Once dry I used a hot blower to melt and bubble the tyvek. Don't over do here, for you will be doing more of that.

I had made the Elf out of white fabric, so painted his arms and legs 'Eco Green...Used one drop of colorant green dye and two drops of yellow and two tablespoons of water. Did the Skintone area with my pinktone base using just one tiny drop of the dye, mixed with a tablespoon of water. Mixed each combo in an small empty yogart cup. So basically had used about 50 cents worth of paint mixed in a tablespoon or so of water. WOW SOOOO EASY .

I used the green to paint the dye on legs and sleeve area of the doll and the skintone for the head, hands and neck. If you like more shine, paint the body with the Shimmer EMERALD instead of the dye. LOVE that color. You can see it on some of the other dolls on this blog.

I made a pattern for the top and pants for the doll, cut them out of the tyvek. Sewed the pieces rightsides outside, leaving raw seam edges on the outside. (it is to hard to try and turn the tyvek rightside out. ) Put the clothes on the doll and used a hot blower to melt the clothes on the doll. Go over those raw seams and melt them away. Don't over heat/melt for it will make holes. However this is a cool look too.

I have always said Dolls tell the dollmaker what they want to be. My "Tree Bark Doll" , looks way more like a FUNKY FLAMBOYANT IRISH MATADOR. What a hoot. Maybe he needs a "cape" too. Ahhh a green cape with gold poka-dots. Seems like something he would like. LOL
I named him "TYE"
I have a couple more ELF dolls I am doing. My husband Doug created this new style and look doll face for this group. Fun, easy and delightful as usual. Makes me smile too. This new group will all become patterns. Check the site now and again. Check my website for the shimmer paint and colorant dye.

hugs, barbk


Lotus said...

Wow Barb!
He's wonderful! I love the look on his face. Thank you for sharing your process with the Tyvek. Love the stuff myself. ; )

Judy Skeel said...

Way cool Barb! Doug did another wonderful face, too!

Carla said...

Really cute Barb! I haven't been around much so sorry I'm late to comment.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool way of using Tyvek Barb. Cool.

Whskr @ Dash Kitten said...

Wow - I love the clothes, I have envelope made from that stuff and now I know what to do with it!

Linda's Art Quilts said...

This is a fantastic doll. Your directions were absolutely great! Love the Shimmer Paints and Colorants. So glad you carry them. They open a whole new world. You always give us something new and wonderful. Linda

Chris said...

The idea is so unique! The Elf dolls turned out to be awesome. I like how the color was made to adapt the doll's design.

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Thanks for sharing the incredible post!