Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pin Cushion Dolls

Here are a couple of "Pin Cushion Dolls" I designed to be a fun, but simple class. The flower body doll, is a recycled piece that use to be a pillow top. It is done all in regular sewing thread, using the EASY PUNCH embroidery machine we have sold for some 30 years. That hand held punch needle runs on batteries and is electric, so a projet that big would not take long to complete. Punch embroidery just doesn't wear out, but the pillow it had been on did. It was a sample we used in our booths when we traveled as vendors. Glad I saved it to recyle on such a darling project.

The other is a hand dyed piece of fabric, done in free form embroidery using all sorts of stuff...beads, bangles and what nots. Then I took a hand punch needle and did random punch needle stitch trails of embellishment. I also used it to create ramdom "french knot" look all around. Only with the hand punch needle it took only a few minutes to create that many funky stitches.

I have called these "Pin Cushion Dolls". Sometimes people like to have a "purpose" to what they do. The project is about 15" tall, so a nice size to work with.
I will have these up on my site (shortly) as patterns. So check back now and again.
hugs, barbkeeling


Carla said...

So cute! Love the faces.

Stephanie said...

Hi Barb,
These are very cute!Should be a fun and informative class.

Karen Mallory said...

Those are great Barb! Great way to make the sewing room a happy place.
hugs Karen

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh they are so cool and look like fun to make.

ruthanne said...

They are so cute and I know they would make one happy just making one.