Monday, May 3, 2010

Painted Clothes ARE the stuffed Doll too

I enjoy fussing around with weird ideas that give my creative soul new adventures. Since I am featuring some new and wonderful Dye and Paint, I wanted to do some dolls that didn't take long to make, where fun to do and cute to look at. All that to help show off the new paint and dye.

So I designed some dolls with the clothes as part of the stuffed doll. Some are done that way and some I simply painted the clothes on the stuffed doll. The clothes are painted the my fantastic SHIMMER Paint, and the faces are done with the new Skintone Dye, all of which is now on my website under Non Toxic Paint. The SKINTONE is done for me and called KEELINGS KUSTOM COLORS Skintone as my exclusive product.

I am the Queen of Quick & Easy and this is just that. You can paint a doll in five minutes. Doing the skintone is a whole new process now with my NEW SKINTONE dye. I make the dolls out of white fabric the weave and style I want to use. Make up the doll and then paint the area I want to be "skin" color. There is no wasted fabric. I mix one drop of the dye add in a tablespoon of water, stir it and if I like the tone, paint it on the doll. Let it dry usually for 15 minutes and that is that. NO COOKING and NO SETTING NECESSARY. You can make a zillion tones of the skintone one drop at a time. Skintone fabric are expensive and limited in type of fabric you can have. This way you can buy and dye what you want. I even painted some "cheap fleece" and it look very cool.

Skintone comes in three basic tones, pink, peach and brown which comes in 1.25 fl oz eyedropper bottles. A little goes a very long way. (remember I redyed an 8 foot couch with less than one bottle of this type of dye, costing me less than $6.00) Soooooooo very little goes a really long way. As you know my help and support is always there. TRY IT you will be so happy you did.

hugs barbkeeling

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Hi Barb,
I absolutely love the Generation Green Colorants that you carry at Keeling's Krafts. Check out my blog through Google at where I posted pictures of my purchases today.