Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting Sneakers

I remember wearing "keds". There were no "fancy" sneakers in 'them there days. Now sneakers are a basic shoe wear. I suppose I am like others in that you get favorites and it hard to give them up. But in due time that start to look terrible, I mean really terrible. I had two pair headed for the dump when I found this fab Non Toxic paint that goes on "anything". So figured I had nothing to lose by painting them. They came out so funky and fun and put new colorful life into the old 'kicks. This is Shimmer/Opaque paint. It is on my website. Be sure and get all the colors for it will give you great fun to paint, fabric, use on rubberstamps, leather, rubber, metal and so much more. Check out the great old rollerskate I did too. The wheels are rubber, leather uppers and there is metal under the skate which I also painted. Go to my website and order the paint. You will just love it.

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