Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting the Couch and shoes, and cardboard

This was really a fun project and not as over powering as one would think. Figuring out what to do and how to do it was the hard part.

We have lived in the same house for 18 years. It was time to fresh'n up, so I took on the painting of the living room, hall, and kitchen. Painting always makes things look so snappy. We got new drapes for the living room and everything looks great. However anything that is a little drab sitting there by the fresh painted walls and new drapes can look really terrible. Our poor "retro" denim couch was not to worn but was a fright sight because it was so faded. There was no "budget" for recover-y. So needed another plan.

I wondered if I couldn't "paint" it. I am a fiber artist and dye or paint fabric all the time. Just because this is a 8 foot faded couch, filled with padding, stuffing and four very large pillow on the back and two huge seat pillows, not to mention the miles and miles of awful looking denim covering it, should not be a problem. Sounded like it would work to me.

I am fearless when it comes to trying things. I figure the worse that can happen is that it does not work. With the idea that this COULD work, I figure I could start the paint/dye process on one of the four pillows and if it turned into a disaster I could cover the pillows with some fresh fabric and not worry about it.

Possible failure never worries me. So I let my “dye the couch” thoughts move forward and I did have a plan. Well sort-a. I mentioned to my husband I was thinking of "painting the couch". He never said a word, just gave me that "of course you will" look, knowing I WOULD try it. We've been married over 50 years so there have been more than one weird idea that has pop't into my head.

I have been working with a wonderful company that makes a Non Toxic paint that I now sell on my website. They have a fab dye that is so easy to use. I mixed my own color using their concentrated color liquid. A few drops of color and water and a spray bottle. And off I went . Tried a pillow first For the pillow the all blue seemed boring so with the wide choice of color in the dye I added all sorts of color. Mixing the Non Toxic paint/dye colors is so easy. Then sprayed the dye onto the pillows. Spraying and brushing to blend the colors.
The dye does NOT change the feel of the fabric or make it stiff. This dye is awesome.

I could see this would work so I did the whole couch with the blue.
This dye is easy to use, is Non Toxic and can be made to go on clothing and be washable too. While I had the dye out I also dyed a silk scarf, justing the spray bottle process.

Go to my website and get the basic dye set. There are four colors you can use to mix any color plus the fabric magic if you plan to dye anything you want to wash.

When you order the paint I will send you more detail how I did the couch. You may not be planning to do a couch, but the process will set you in motion on other projects.
Go to my website: Click on the NonToxic Paint. Click on the COLORANT DYE SET.

Happy Painting. Barb Keeling


Judi W. said...

looks great - wish I could see a bigger picture of the painted couch tho!

Sunny in CA said...

Awesome, in deed! You have a great spirit!

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

OH, MY! You are my kind of woman! The couch looks great! I have some couches that could use a paint job. My husband would give me that same look!


li said...

WOW! what an amazing improvement! You rock girlfriend! A pair of creative monsters you and hubby are!

blessings, li