Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting Shoes.

I have always loved shoes. In my youth I would romp around all day in 4" spike heels and not think a thing about it. Now as a 'Snappy Senior I have had to lower my "stand"-er-s. No matter still love fun, funky or snazzy shoes. Some shoes I have walked nearly to pieces others who wait for "special occasions" so grow old with little or no wear. They often just need an update. I have found a wonderful new Non Toxic paint that you can use on nearly everything. It is a Shimmer/opaque with dandy colors. A sort of thick-ish wee like nailpolish spreadness, that can also be thinned down with water if you want a diluted paint to paint with. Anyway here are some of the shoes I fussed with. A pair of boots I've had some 15 or more years and worn them nearly to a shred. That look totally fab. A really wonderful pair of black heels, great looking shoes but BORING, so splashed them into smashing fashion wear with a small amount of magenta paint. Way coooool looking now.

There are 12 great colors of the wonderful Shimmer/Opaque paint, Go the the Non Toxic paint catagory. All the color are there. But get the set you will not want to miss any one of the colors. When you buy the paint remind me and I will send you some extra info on how to do the shoes.


Hoopie said...

Love the boots!!!

UteV said...

Love the painted shoes & couch. What a great idea.