Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Book THE BLUE EARED BEAR by Barb Keeling

 I have written a really fun childrens book.  Written by Barb Keeling with adorable illustrations done by Doug Keeling. Check my website for more info

New kids book called THE BLUE EARED BEAR.  This is a charming story about a Magical Nanny and a four year old little girl named Olivia Ann. She finds a lonely Blue Eared Teddy bear in a store. The Bear has had a rough time, being teased because he is different colors than the usual plain bown bear. Olivia Ann finds him stuffed on a shelf where someone had tossed him. The bear had called to her asking for help.  This is a sweet story touching on kindness, bulling, being helpful to those in need. It is all mixed with magical fun with the Nanny, Mrs.GilleyWilley. The Teddy Bear finds a loving forever family and gets to be Olivia Ann's best friend. 

This is a great read to kids ages 4-10. I have also written the story in script form so you it can be a family fun event, reading it like a play with the kids and family and freinds playing the differenct parts.  Makes a great way to experience reading out loud. The book and script is available on my website. You can download the story to your Kindle or other devices by going to Amazon.  Search  Blue Eared Bear, or Barb Keeling

I made the above bear by doing needle felting. I plan to do a pattern for that too. The picture is Olivia Ann and the Teddy Bear.  The book illustrations are so fun. 

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Stephanie said...

So cute! You excel in so many fields! I want to be like you when I grow up!