Monday, July 11, 2011


I always love new stuff and the word ZENTANGLE came up a month ago on one of the doll lists. Can't say as I had heard of that word before. I found a local class which I took and enjoyed. Can see some fun patterns that can be done for dolls using the sort of "orgainized doodling". The zentangle-ers don't like the word "doodling" to be included on the same page as any 'tangle-ing....but no less it is a form of doodling art. I have done a couple of "off the wall" just fer fun projects in my sketch book. They have no purpose other than just "give it a try-ness". So here are a couple of my tangle-ing done with a creative spark of "just do it". Fun. Now to work on a fer-real project. The hat on the one face is part of a Steampunk doll I am doing. Wanted to see what THAT would look like. This is all on paper, next adventure on cloth. hugs, barb


Karen Mallory said...

What fun faces Barb! I love zentangling and have many of the books. It is a great structured way to doodle!
hugs Karen

Edwina Sutherland said...

Cool stuff! You really are having fun - I can tell!

Fran said...

I love your zentangle faces. They are great.
Love & Hugs

Wings N Scales said...

Thats a lot of doodling! Great faces. I have yet to start mine...UGH..I best get to work!