Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kid Story Board Game.

For years I have written kids stories, mostly done for our Great Granddaughter who is now nearly six. The stories began when she was born. We did a doll for her we called Mrs. GilleyWilley, who is a magical Nanny. We added an Olivia Ann Doll (our great grans name) and a talking Teddy Bear named BB Bear. That was the start of Mrs. GilleyWilley Adventures. I wrote the magical adventures and Doug did the illustrations. We are having a blast.

I decided the stories needed a "Game" kids could play. Soooo dreamed up a really simple board game, including cutout paper dolls of the story characters. I love the illustrations Doug did for the three characters. We have done a bunch of different creative things in our long years, but doing a board game had never been tried. One is never to old to try something new. I thought up the game concept and Doug did the board & illustrations. It was a fun new creative experience for us both. It will be a Christmas gift for our Great Granddaughter and Granddaughter.
Both Olivia Ann and Mrs. GilleyWilley are cloth doll patterns on our website. I will add the Board Game too.
hugs, Barb Keeling

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Barbara said...

Your work is just amazing!! Glad I found you. As I mentioned on your other blog, please come over to my blog and leave a comment for an opportunity to win a prize just because. Maybe you would want to join in on OWOH (One World One Heart). You don't have to give a gift but you can meet a tremendous amount of other crafters, some of like mind and some not but all wonderful.

Hugs XX Barbara